Beginners English  for Hotels (Level 1)


What previous participants think?

“I am really enjoying my English classes. Steve Paget is a very good teacher who explains sentences and words very well. I am much more confident now and will recommend this course to everyone!” Aneta Smigielska,  Arthaus House, Dublin

I feel more confident in conversations with my team and our customers now.” Piyawun O’Leary, Dooleys Hotel

What a GM thought:

Ausra our Accommodation Supervisor has grown in confidence when expressing herself and noticeably improved her vocabulary since participating in the IHF Skillnet English Language Beginners Course” John Beattie, GM, Eyre Square Hotel, Galway.



Starting Tuesday 7th February 2023, from 2 m to 4pm for 12 weeks

– All Online


Language Level:

For those who are able to use simple greetings and introductions, basic personal information and hold very basic conversations.

What you will learn?

  • Improve the trainees’ overall level of English in terms of grammar (being able to describe events the past, present, and future)
  • Improve the trainees’ overall confidence and readiness to speak English
  • Develop the trainees’ vocabulary with particular focus on vocabulary for working in various roles in a hotel (incl. vocabulary related to common objects and areas in a hotel as well as vocabulary to help describe problems)
  • Give trainees the tools and confidence to clarify information they receive from others (instructions, requests)
  • Introduce trainees to important elements of the Irish culture to aid with delivering good service to hotel guests
  • Provide trainees with the language to politely and confidently greet hotel guests
  • Introduce trainees to common Hiberno-English expressions they are likely to come across in their workplace



All talk Training are specialists in English training focused on hotel terminology and language.


Price €280 pp  – for Members

Price €325 pp – for non-Members


This course is limited to 8 people.

To book online – NOTE: all participants must take a quick oral test before level is confirmed.

For more information, call Dervla O’Neill on (086) 083 6626, or email: