English and Cultural Skills for Supervisors and Managers (20Feb)


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  • Starting Tuesday 20th February and every Tuesday for 4 weeks
  • 9am – 12.30pm, 3 hours plus 30 min break, by webinar


Course Overview:

Employees whose first language is not English can often reach a good level of English while still being unaware of cultural differences in what type of communication is considered polite and professional in Ireland – often non-native English speakers can come across as rude or unprofessional causing unintentional offence or disrespect, negatively impacting on team relations and customer service.

Competence in English is also a key element that can affect a non-native speakers likelihood to be proactive in various situations in the workplace. Lack of confidence in English can significantly impact performance and career progression.

Team members who have a good level of English but would benefit from understanding the cultural nuances of using the language can improve these skills on this course. They will also have the opportunity to practise their English skills with a skilled trainer so that they develop their confidence in using the language.


This course is aimed at:

This course is aimed non-native English speakers  who are currently working as hotel supervisors or managers or those who wish to move into such roles in the future. Trainees must have an intermediate or advanced level of English to take part in this training.


After this course you will:

  • be able to build better team relations through positive and appropriate communication styles
  • be able to give effective feedback in a clear but culturally appropriate manner
  • be able to recognise the different cultural viewpoints to authority and decision-making
  • understand how cultural viewpoints create differing expectations of leaders and team members.
  • understand indirect communication style associated with Ireland and be better able to understand someone when they communicate in this way
  • develop a mindset towards their English skills that enables continued improvement and professional growth
  • know how to be politely assertive in the workplace
  • be able to deal with customer and staff complaints in a culturally appropriate manner
  • develop writing skills for professional emails
  • develop skills to effectively communicate and check understanding amongst team members from various language and cultural backgrounds
  • enhance ability to move from semi-formal to formal communication as required (especially in written communication)
  • develop skills to effectively communicate and check understanding amongst team members from various language and cultural backgrounds


Format and delivery:

This is an interactive course delivered over 4 half days where trainees will have the opportunity to practise the communication techniques covered.



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For more information, call Dervla O’Neill on (086) 083 6626, or email: oneilld@ihf.ie

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