This three hour session will be delivered onsite.

Who should attend?

All frontline staff who engage with customers.

Modules include:

  • Understand latest customer care developments
  • Identifying customers’ expectations
  • Estimate the level of customer care here and plans to increase it!!
  • Explain Madness – doing the same thing all the time and expecting a different result
  • Difference between Service and CUSTOMER Service
  • Calculate the “Lifetime Value” of a customer and understand the implications of losing a customer (Golden Rule!)
  • Understanding why we lose customers – staff behavior major reason
  • Handling Complaints and empowering staff to do “something extra”
  • Learning from complaints – “+1” books
  • Setting Customer Care Standards – appearance, friendliness, professionalism, greetings
  • Importance of word of mouth – must do something different to get guests to talk about you
  • Upselling tactics


  • A recognisable superior selling and customer culture throughout
  • A culture which new employees will easily enter and be part of your ethos
  • The golden rule is understood by all “never lose a guest”
  • Empower staff to deal with complaints
  • Immediate elimination of customer complaints
  • Substantial increase in delighted guests
  • Leading to increased percentage of returning guests
  • Increased sales per staff member
  • Increased profits!
  • Great reviews



The trainer is Marc Thornton of DTA Marketing is a leading marketing, sales and customer care trainer in the hospitality market.


€360 for delivery onsite in your premises (max 30 staff)

€30 pp if an open programme (sharing with another hotel – min. 12 participants)


For more information or to book, call Dervla O’Neill on (086) 083 6626, or email: