3rd October  2023, from 9.30am – 1pm (incl. 30-minute break)

Maximum no. of trainees per workshop: 16 trainees

Delivery: Live, instructor-led training, online


Why do this?

Cultural diversity is beneficial to any team and organisation. However, multicultural teams also come with certain challenges when it comes to communication and collaboration.

This training will help you navigate these challenges and upskill your employees so that your multicultural teams can produce their best results.

Reduce communication issues. Increase productivity and performance. Foster inclusion and employee engagement.


Who should attend:

HoDs and anyone working with diverse teams, HR and GMs.


Outcomes include:

  • Learn about language and cultural differences and their impact on employee engagement and motivation
  • Develop cultural intelligence to support you in interactions with your team
  • Learn about the common cultural unconscious biases that can negatively impact recruitment and development decisions as well as affecting employee engagement and retention
  • Become familiar with Global English to allow for easier communication with team members from other language and cultural backgrounds
  • Discover easily implemented strategies for inclusion allowing all employees to reach their potential
  • Learn how to deliver feedback effectively across language and culture differences
  • Learn how to ensure that your message is clearly understood by all


All Talk Training:

All talk Training are specialists in English training focused on hotel terminology and language.



€65 pp (members)

€85 pp (non-members)



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For more information, email Dervla O’Neill at  or call 086 083 6626 for more information