Improvers English  for Hotels (Level 2) – limited to 8 pax

What previous participants think?

“I am really enjoying my English classes. Steve Paget is a very good teacher who explains sentences and words very well. I am much more confident now and will recommend this course to everyone!” Aneta Smigielska,  Arthaus House, Dublin

I feel more confident in conversations with my team and our customers now.” Piyawun O’Leary, Dooleys Hotel


Wednesday 21st September 10am-12pm, and every Wednesday morning x 10 weeks ( ends Wednesday 30th November)

– All Online

Language Level:

For those who can talk about things they do often – like work, hobbies, etc. Talk about the past, present and future, read and write simple sentences and express opinion clearly.

What you will learn?

·        Improve the trainee’s ability to describe situations and objects in detail

·        Introduce the trainee to ‘polite language’ and its importance in Irish culture and for interacting with colleagues and hotel guests

·        Provide the trainees with the tools and language to make polite requests

·        Develop the trainees’ abilities to give and receive instructions effectively

·        Help trainees to understand feedback more clearly (which can be impacted by cultural differences)

·        Introduce trainees to polite and professional email correspondence

·        Introduce trainees to professional telephone English

·        Further develop the trainees’ knowledge of Hiberno-English expressions that they are likely to come across in their workplace



All talk Training are specialists in English training focused on hotel terminology and language.


Price €280 pp  – for Members

Price €325 pp – for non-Members


This course is limited to 8 people.

To book online – NOTE: all participants must take a quick oral test before level is confirmed.

For more information, call Dervla O’Neill on (086) 083 6626, or email: