For clearer communication and greater inclusion on multilingual teams.


Tuesday 10th October, 10am to 1pm – Online


Course summary:

This 3 hour interactive workshop will equip Irish and other native-English-speaking team members with ways to modify their communication with non-native English speakers on the team, leading to fewer instances of miscommunication as well as a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging among non-native speakers of English in your organisation.

In many interactions in a multilingual workplace, it is often with native speakers of English that issues of miscommunication arise – this is due to a communication gap between those who are learning English and those who speak it as a native language. While non-native speakers can continue to improve their English to try to close this gap, this takes quite a lot of time. On the other hand, when native English speakers learn some basic tools to modify their language and do their part to close this communication gap, the benefits can be felt immediately.

Seeing the simplicity of the solutions and the positive results they bring about will have trainees wondering why they have not done this training before!


This course is aimed at:

Native English-speaking team members who are working closely with team members from other language and cultural backgrounds.

After this course, trainees will:

  • be able to communicate much more clearly and easily with team members who are not native English speakers
  • be able to clarify information and instructions more effectively and have confidence that information has been understood correctly
  • understand cultural differences in more depth and how cultural impacts communication
  • be able to modify their communication in instances where cultural can act as a barrier to clear communication
  • enjoy smoother and more efficient collaboration with team members from all language backgrounds

Format & Delivery:

This is a 3-hour interactive course (incl. break) where trainees will have the opportunity to practise the communication techniques covered.


Maximum 20 pax


Course content:

  • Introduction to Global English and the impact of being able to speak Global English in a multilingual workplace
  • Cultural differences and their effect on communication styles
  • Becoming aware of your current communication style
  • Understanding the experience of non-native English speakers and how that affects clear communication as well as inclusion and belonging in the workplace
  • Adapting your communication when speaking to a non-native English speaker to reduce instances of miscommunication



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Price €40 pp  – for Members

Price €65 pp – for non-Members


This course is limited to 20 people.

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