Thursday 5th October 2023



9.30am to 4.30pm, by webinar


Who should attend:

A practical and interactive one-day workshop), the course is designed for staff, who communicate with customers who use email daily – includes general staff in sales, client services, customer service, administration, reception, accounts, production etc.


Overall aim:

The aim of the workshop is to help staff develop first-rate business etiquette when corresponding with customers using written communications with a strong focus on email.  Participants will learn the essential skills required to converse with customers in a professional and competent manner in order to portray a professional image, clear and concise messages. They will learn when it’s the appropriate time to pick up the phone and avoid misunderstanding, whilst ensuring customer satisfaction




After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

    • Identify the most appropriate means for communicating with customers
    • Create relevant and structured emails using the right content, style and approach
    • Write concise yet professional letters and documents to instil confidence with customers
    • Employ highly developed business English for all non-verbal customer communications
    • Apply proper business etiquette in the use of language, punctuation and grammar
    • Keep emails relevant and easy to follow with related subjects, signatures & notifications
    • Send emails to the right people, using copy, blind copy and reply all functions
    • Reply to customers courteously and professionally with the right tone and level of urgency
    • Follow company protocols and apply superb business etiquette for emails and text messages
    • Show discretion when forwarding emails, copying readers or sending attachments
    • Maintain trust with ongoing professional and personalised business emails


Workshop Content:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of email as a communications tool
  • Choose the right tool and apply the appropriate behaviour for writing to customers
  • The importance of first impressions for influencing a customer
  • Define your objective, apply the right approach, style and structure for writing emails
  • Apply essential business English – the correct use of language, grammar, punctuation etc
  • Write clearly and persuasively to instil confidence with customers
  • Keep emails relevant and easy to follow with relevant subjects, threads and more
  • The use of abbreviations, emoticons, textese and slang in business
  • Good protocol for responding to emails, managing flames, anger and quick responses
  • Keep customers informed using signatures, notifications & out of office replies
  • Maintain confidentiality when forwarding or copying emails, or sending attachments
  • Legal implications for unwarranted email behaviour – libel, offensive and defamatory emails



Karen Somerville



Members €70 pp
Non Members €90 pp



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